Do you live in the Columbia area but commute to work in York? Don’t want to waste your weekend on a visit to the dentist? As much as your dentist would love to see you on a Saturday, White Rose Family Dental  understands that many who work in the York, PA area are trying to maintain a happy work/life balance. Professionals alike know that in order to maintain good dental health, you should at the very least be scheduling a check-up or cleaning every 6 months. However, sometimes scheduling those appointments can be the hardest thing you’ll have to do that month! Between meetings, work travel, and special events for the kids, it’s hard to put yourself first and take care of your own dental needs.  White Rose Family Dental wants to let you in on a secret:  Go during your lunchbreak!

Dr. Kaushal Kapadia would like to remind our patients that a bi-annual dental cleaning really doesn’t take that much time. If you’re willing to sacrifice just one lunch break every six months, you can come in during your lunch hour, get your teeth professionally cleaned and examined get back to the office in less than 60 minutes.  Just make sure you schedule ahead!

Lunchbreak checkup with Dr. Kapadia

The Secret is Efficiency

White Rose Family Dental is operated by a small team of professionals dedicated to treating their patients with the best care available.  With years of experience, the staff has created a seamless process that is highly efficient, but not at the expense of quality. Rest assured, you’re in good hands-literally.

When a White Rose Family Dental patient comes into the office for a tooth cleaning, the first step is an examination by Dr. Kapadia himself! He will look for any tooth sensitivity, gum inflammation, or plaque and tartar that needs to be scraped off. Dr. Kapadia will take notes of the overall dental health of the patient, which gives a thorough understanding of the state before and after the cleaning itself.

X-Rays and Intra Oral Cameras

One of the quickest and efficient steps of a teeth cleaning is getting X-rays taken. When it comes to teeth, not all issues can be seen at the surface. Dental X-rays can reveal several underlying problems including tooth decay in those in-between spaces of your teeth. At White Rose, Dr. Kapadia uses an intra oral camera during all cleanings and check-ups that takes detailed pictures inside the mouth.  These pictures are shown to the patient allowing them to see the damaged parts in their mouth like cracks, tooth decay, gum bleeding etc., which makes the patient more aware of the treatment needs.

Removing Plaque and Tartar

The most common dental step that most patients are familiar with– scraping off plaque and tartar. The exact amount of time this will take varies depending on how much tartar needs to be scraped off a patient’s teeth.

Brushing, Flossing, and Rinsing

No trip to a dentist would be complete without brushing, flossing, and rinsing, would it? This completes the cleaning phase of the check-up, and Dr. Kaushal Kapadia will see you to the next step.

A Thorough Dental Examination

Then it is time for your final inspection and analysis. Based upon a thorough intra oral examination and an in-depth analysis of your x-rays and intra oral pictures Dr. Kapadia and his team would inform you about any ongoing dental issues in your mouth like tooth decay, cracks, potential tooth fractures, gum disease etc. The team would then present you with different treatment options, such as a follow up appointment, to resolve these issues so that you can acquire and maintain a healthy smile.!!

Yes, a Dental Cleaning Or Check-up Can Be That Quick!

With just 5 steps, it’s completely possible for you to walk out of your office, get your teeth cleaned, and be back before anyone even realizes you took your lunch break, or didn’t! Best of yet, you’ll return to work with teeth that are cleaner, fresher and have more knowledge about the state of your dental health including how to best preserve or improve it.

To schedule a dental cleaning over your lunch break, simply call today or schedule here online.


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