Dr. Kaushal Kapadia strongly believes that every healthcare professional should participate in community outreach programs as their basic civic duty.

In 2021 Dr.Kaushal Kapadia participated in the “Vaccinate Lancaster” Program at the Park City Mall, volunteering as a Community Vaccinator giving free Covid-19 Vaccines to hundreds of people. He has also participated in the National Pulse Polio Program (1996-1999) organized by his dental school in India travelling in rural and underserved communities giving out Polio vaccines to new born and infants.

This year he participated in the “MOM-N-PA” Dental Missions project held at the York Expo Center on June 10th and 11th., providing free dental services to several patients who had limited or no dental insurance. He worked along with numerous other volunteers in a team environment treating hundreds of patients in a day providing complex services like root canals, extractions, restorative & preventive dentistry all at No Cost to the patients.

“Changing lives, one smile at a time” was the motto of the missionary project and Dr.Kaushal Kapadia whole heartedly enjoyed offering his services to the community at this event.

Let’s strengthen our community by helping each other in whichever ways we can.